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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Years Start!

So two sisters from different misters, who love pretty and sparkly and shiny and happy stuff, have finally decided on opening up a blog. As we are still students, naturally the blog-launch took place during exam season, as most random things do.

The main idea is this:

We want to prettify the world. 

And enjoy it.

Everyone deserves to be beautiful. But it's sometimes not that easy. So we figure, we will take our first steps by blogging tips and info about things we love.

Nail polish, clothes, hair, make up, fashion, accessories...

Thus, you have...... Manis and Makeovers.

We are just two little girls (literally) from opposite sides of the world, finishing up their studies in the Netherlands, while attempting to do our part in making the world a cooler place. So this blog will be hyper, giggly, and slightly schizophrenic (we love random stuff), but do feel free to enjoy the pretties we post.

Everything here will be happy and doable. No super expensive stuff, no special equipments to reproduce the results, it's all DIY at a realistically fun level ;) We welcome comments and/or suggestions and ideas, too!

Might just add here--- if you are ever in the neighbourhood of Leiden, and are in need of a decent but affordable mani and/or makeover, ---- or know someone who does!---  you are more than welcomed to email us at We can arrange something especially for the prettiful you, and will guarantee the most reasonable prices. This is just getting started, but so far, all our clients have been super happy ;)

See you around! 

xoxoxo Captain & Lieutenant

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