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Monday, March 4, 2013

Herome Prize Swatches

Hi all!

So sorry for not blogging, we've both been swamped these days... A while back, I was one of the three winners of a Valentine's Nail Art Contest held by Herome Cosmetics. I was beyond myself, hahaha, it was such an honour! I won two polishes from Herome, from their World Inspired Colours: "Helsingborg" from the Fancy Sweden collection, and "Perm" from the Stylish Russia collecion. 

Let me show you Perm first... It's a gorgeous gorgeous colour. I applied it on a friend's nails, after an afternoon of succesful shopping :D Lovely hidden sale items for cheap! It can't get any better than that.
Anyway, to accompany this feeling of shopping victory, we decided to try out my prizes :) Both polishes are pink. Perm is shimmery and sparkly and fab:

Artificial Light
 With Flash


And that even without the multicoloured sparkle the camera wouldn't catch! So pretty!!
I used two coats of Perm and a topcoat. I'm happy with both the brush and the formula.

Helsingborg is a completely different kind of pink :) It's an in-your-face kind of pink creme, perfect for summer or just when you need happiness on your nails:

Both these pics were taken in artificial light. I used two coats here, but in principle you can get away with just one, it's really opaque! The brush was very nice and the formula applied easily.

I'm so happy with these polishes! They can be found in most Dutch drugstores and online as well.

Tomorrow I'll show the ultra-happy dotticure I did with Helsingborg.

Nightnight for now!


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