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Friday, December 27, 2013

FoF: My auntie's holiday mani :)

Hi sweeties!

My aunt celebrated the holidays with us and I did her nails :) They have never been so black and glittery! 

I used Paris Memories 236 for the black base and Emily de Molly "Ruby Soho" for the glitter gradient. Yes, that's right, I have Emily de Molly nail polishes!!! 6 in total :D I had the opportunity to order in her etsy and ship them to an Aussie address :) My sister was traveling and picked them up for me! I just got them :D I am in love with the bottles already. Can't wait to put them on!

Anyways, back to this mani :) My aunt is now totally glamorous and I hope the mani will last 'til New Year's ;-)

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