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Friday, June 28, 2019

Ms. Sparkle's polish for The Makers Dozen July

Hi lovelies!

June's almost over, so I'd like to introduce next month's polish for The Makers Dozen by Ms. Sparkle: "Yay! It's my Birthday Month!" 

"Yay! It's my Birthday Month!" is a magenta crelly with gold shimmer and aurora pigments, iridescent flakes, yellow stars and holographic glitters. It's a party on my nails and it sure drew a lot of positive attention at work! I applied two coats with some NPB glitter food and glossy top coat.

It sure is a looker! There's so much happening in this polish, without it being too much, that I couldn't stop staring at the depths and prettiness.

All Makers Dozen polishes are available in the webshops of their respective makers. Each polish will be capped at 40, so each polish is a true limited edition. This particular beauty will be available here in July, in 10 and 15 ml bottles, retailing for 8.50 and 10.50 USD respectively. 

The other makers can be found in the pic below and on The Makers Dozen facebook page!

What do you think of this polish? Are these crellies your cup of tea?

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