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Monday, April 22, 2013

Save The Nail 3: My Final Attempt

Hey hey!

So the story continues. The tea bag method worked well, it lasted for more than a day. I wanted to try one more thing, and after a tip from a follower, I decided on nail glue:

See how the tea bag is giving in:

This is, as you can see, from Essence. It's tricky stuff, so be sure to read the instructions carefully! It will glue skin together in no time. I just applied a little bit over the tear and let it dry:

Then I polished my nails as usual. It would last for 2 days, then I repeated the treatment. A week after the initial nail incident, this happened:

I was sick of it. Therefore this happened:

But I had managed to delay the need for cutting by a week, so yeay!



  1. Did you get the glue into the tear? I always lift gently to be sure it gets in, then cover if needed. I'm sorry it didn't last long for you. :(

  2. I'm completely distracted by the design! love the colors and shapes!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you ^^ I will show the whole design together with swatches on Sunday ;)


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