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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guy Cuts (version 1)

So a couple of dudes were starting to need a hair cut real badly, so the Captain and I went on a cutting spree!!

Truth is, short hair, grows SOOO fast, and salon trips just drain money outta your wallet like coins in a holey pocket :S and good boys get their hair cut about every 3 months...
(Every 6 weeks :P)

So here goes! Grab a partner, and cut your hair at home, save that cash and go spend it on a girl ;)
You will need: A pair of medium sized scissors, comb, water spraying bottle, and a razor. Will likely save you a lot of trouble to have a plastic sheet to cover your shoulders, and if you don't have something like it, perhaps a giant garbage bag.

First of our victims, here we have Mr. Green.
Hair type: Soft, slight wave, each hair is relatively thin.
Face structure: Slightly round, base shaped jaw, squarely broad forehead.
Cute as he was, this one needed a hair cut.

First, comb out any knots, then spray the hair with some water so that the strands flow together. Comb through the hair once its wet again so you can bring out the general direction the hair flows for this person. (Not so difficult here, since his hair seems quite straight, but will be more important for people with curly hair).

Then split the hair into the general portions below. The front part which is the bangs/fringe/pony (whatever you like to call it), the sides that come around the ears, the back, and the top portion. You can say the front and sides will be the most important part of the look, as they will frame the face, and can really save your look later if you screw up on cutting the rest of the hair.... but we'll get around to that ;)
As nervous as it may make you feel, start at the top section; this will be your guiding length you will be adjusting to throughout the rest of your cut. (But remember to leave the bangs/fringe/pony untouched for the moment). Comb up a top section, take only as much as it will fit on your comb in one stroke, then hold that strand up firmly perpendicular to the head ---- then snip away to desired length!

One basic thing to keep in mind when cutting:
ALWAYS GO FOR LONGER than shorter. You can always cut more later, but you can't put cut strands back :P

When you've got the top portion done, then move on to the bottom portion. Line up the comb in a slant, and cut towards the length of the top hairs you had previously cut, so that they will easily blend.

A nice trick to check if the hairs are being cut equally is to fluff it up like this! It will only work for some types of hair though, so try it out ;)

For stray hairs along the neck, you can use a razor to shave off, to freshen the look of your back hairline (if desired).

We went for a slight top-heavy look to enhance the "length" of the face, which may be desirable for people with an originally rounder face structure. To bring the look together, we layered the top portion (bangs/fringe/pony) in double layer, in order to allow some "movement" to be seen, instead of it being flat and helmety.... The upper layer of the fringe also allows less weight on the top portion so it is easier for it to float upwards, helping to elongate the face, and in turn creating a sharper image. 
Once you have the top, back, and front portions cut, just cut the side portions to blend into everything.
And yeay! We're done!!

Sort of a long post, but thanks for reading!
xoxoxo Captain & Lieutenant 

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