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Friday, September 13, 2013

FoF: Pink Cherry Blossom

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a summer design I did for a friend. It's a simple cherry blossom, inspired by Robin Moses. 

I used two coats of W7 white for the base and sponged on the gradient with some pink acrylic paint from the craft store. The I used black polish and a striper to paint the branches and a dotting tool and Catrice "Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K" for the flowers.



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  1. Very cute:) I did a cake with cherry blossoms once...I don't think I put it on my blog though... This is so pretty! I love the shading in the background.

    1. Thank you! :D
      Ohh! Do you have pics of the cake? That must have been an amazing cake... Wow...


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