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Sunday, March 2, 2014

SiS: Catrice Crème Fresh Limited Edition

Hello lovelies! 

Today I would like to show you two pretties from Catrice's Limited Edition "Crème Fresh". It is an LE full of candy coloured pastel pretties, referring to the sixties and spring. And yes, I slightly broke my no-buy for this, but I bought only 2 of the 5 and both could be used in the upcoming bridal manis, so it's more of an investment, I told myself. I bought "Evergreen 60s" and "Another Pink Panther". I decided to mix and match them in one mani:

Cute colours, don't you agree? The finish is nice and frosty, and the polish is sort of opaque in 2 coats, depending on your skills when it comes to thick gloopy polish. Yeah, not ideal, but for polishes this soft, I'll take it. They're not super expensive after all, and way better than some other polishes from the Catrice regular line. So I'm still satisfied and I might at some point long for the yellow and peachy ones as well... 

Yup, don't mind my dry cuticles, please... 

So all in all, nice :D I had some family over and all I had were these polishes and one or two others, so I was forced to make due with them and used them in two easy nail art designs. I will show you later this week! In the meantime, don't forget

(this is a mobile friendly link, link to post and prizepacks is here.)


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