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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Getting My Peeps Ready for Easter

Hello lovelies!

Happy Easter!
Over the past week, I've been getting my peeps Easter-ready too :) This is the result:

The first two manis were done with a new technique I'm trying to master: dry marbling flowers. I need some more practice, but I like where this is going! The third mani was done using a polish I won in a giveaway from Celestial Cosmetics, I'll be sure to post swatches soon! The polishes are amazing, application is a dream and the holo is mesmerizing. More on that later. The last pics are of recreations I did of a previous mani, that I really liked, called Daffodelicious! Perfect for easter, I thought, and my two friends from work happily agreed after I was finished prettifying their hands :) That was fun, and I now have two new hand models :)

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