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Monday, May 19, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics "Callisto"

Hello lovelies!

Happy ManiMonday! Today's features the last of the prizes I won in @LadybirdLacquer's giveaway of Celestial Cosmetics pretties! I already suspected that this would become my favourite and it did not disappoint. "Callisto" is a dream, look at it!

The deep plum is already elegant on its own, but when it hits the sunlight, my oh my! Pure and utter magic, I tell you! It's even prettier than I could capture on photo; IRL the rainbow radiates from the nails and will have you mesmerized until nightfall. And even then, with the proper lighting, some of that magic will be recaptured... 
Application was flawless. Two coats that went on like, uhm, well, VERY well; like lacquer is supposed to lacquer. One coat of SV and everything is sealed in nicely. I placed a foxy charm on my ring finger. Not that it needed spicing up, this sexy little minx of a polish; I just wanted to add to the sexy vibe with some foxy fun. This fox charm can be purchased here and there's free worldwide shipping and a 10% discount with code SXDQ10! 

Here is the beauty with flash (and no fox):
This is what it looks like in indirect natural light:

And this is it in the evening sun:
OK, now you must all be fans like I am ;)


  1. wooooww *.*
    that nail polish is awesome !!
    I'm in love!!


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