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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#RedCoatTuesday Special - The 100th Episode!

Hello lovelies,

Tonight we celebrate the 100th episode of the show that inspired all this: Pretty Little Liars. Ali's back. Her mom 6 feet under. Spencer's dad? What did he do? And what's up with Melissa? And is it true, will Caleb return tonight? Oh goodies! Well until it airs (and since I'm not in the US, until I get my hands on the episode), let's look at all the red manis and other make-up art!

We all had to incorporate "100" somehow in our creation, so I put mine on my accent nail in binary. The other nails have been covered in Emily de Molly "Ruby Soho". Don't you love it? It is a glitter topper with matte and holo red glitters and holo fuchsia glitters in all sizes. I adore it, it is just glorious! Perfect for a celebration :)


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