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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#RedCoatTuesday - Catrice "First Class Up-Grape"

Hello lovelies!

Tonight - the final episode of Pretty Little Liars! Last week's episode was amazing, such revelations! What will happen tonight? 

Anyways, I celebrate tonight with a burgundy red new pretty from Catrice's fall line: First Class Up-Grape. 

 It is a gorgeous burgundy with an orange sort of shimmer. Intriguing, like PLL ;) I don't remember how many coats this is, but I think 2. I'm sure it is not more than that, but it may be only one! It is beautiful.

Ah, this colour reminds me of a good glass of wine... deliciously mysterious.

I decided to add some bling, so I used these rhinestones from bornprettystore (use code SXDQ10 for a 10% discount!) to cover my ring finger. I am just going to leave a whole bunch of pics here:

Happy PLL watching! 


  1. Gorgeous color! Holy cow those rhinestones are eye-catching! lol

  2. Wowza! What a gorgeous color!! Perfect for Fall :) And I love the rhinestones you chose for the accent nail.

  3. Oh I love the color! The bling is really cool too!

  4. This is such a gorgeous and rich shade for fall. Love those rhinestones!

  5. Love the vampy polish! I love fall because I love me some dark polishes! Granted I wear darks/neons/brights no matter what the season calls for! I love the bling!! Fab!

  6. That color is awesome!! It'll be perfect for some Autumn nail art. I love all the rhinestones too!!


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