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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Ms. Sparkle Pretties!

Hello lovelies!
Today I have some new pretties from Ms. Sparkle to show you! First up is S-teal The Magic:

The pictures above are with matte top coat and a butterfly charm I got on ebay. I of course also have pics with glossy top coat!

This teal jelly is full of golden shimmer, golden holo glitter, golden shreds, polar blue squares and bright blue hexes... a magical concoction that is opaque in three thin coats. I love it! It's so unique...

Next is a golden glitterbomb topper, Blueberry Champagne:

This is two coats over Essence "Shopping @ Portobello Road" and on my ring finger, over NYC "Full Metal Jacket". 

It's a full-on glitter fest! I was also very curious as to what it would look like over a more contrasting colour. So I swatched it over OPI "Don't Know... Beets Me!", this time only one coat:

Beautiful, isn't it? This mixture of gold microglitter, shreds, dots and holo squares, teal and polar blue squares, polar blue shreds and indigo big hexes. 

Gorgeous, aren't they? No application issues whatsoever. They're available now in Ms. Sparkle's Etsy Shop!


  1. I really like the jelly matted. The trooper is super pretty with all of the gold glitters in it. Both are great!

  2. Blueberry Champagne is gorgeous!

  3. Love these! Your macros are fabulous. I love S-teal the Magic because it has a very NerdLacquer vibe to it. Beautiful swatches!

  4. These make me think of mermaids :-)

  5. That first color is beautiful, especially with the butterfly charm.

  6. That last combination is just perfect! Really gorgeous ♥.

  7. S-teal the magic is gorgeous and I love the big butterfly charm too!

  8. I love S-teal The Magic!! So pretty!! ^_^

  9. Blueberry Champagne looks awesome!

  10. Pretty! They remind me of buried treasure and mermaids. :)


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