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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Incidental Twin - Jedi vs. Sith

Hello lovelies!

Time for an age old battle between Sith and Jedi, given to you by Incidental Twin Nail Lacquer! Samantha of ITNL sent me 3 polishes for review, and among them were the Jedi and the Sith...
Let's present the good guys first:

Samantha describes it as follows:
Jedi - a sheer, shimmery green with green-blue shimmers, that should build up to a light-bright saturation of green, but won't ever be opaque. It would also make a bright shimmery topper!

And it is bright and oh so shimmery! It is beautifully bright green with flashes of blue and it is - the photos don't do it justice - totally like a light saber! This is three coats over white and perfect for spring.

In a light box, it looks completely different:

Whoa neon flash! Such green perfection!

Let's see what the Sith bring to the fight:

Sith - sheer, clear red with red shimmer, just like the blades of the baddies.
It is! It also has a golden sort of duochromaticity (I just invented the word, or so it seems), which is especially visible in the light box.

This is three coats, no undies. It's very girly and sparkly and although sheer, it builds up very nicely! 

So I had to do some Sith-like freehanding, of course:

I hope you see what I mean. It does not look as menacing as I would have liked, lol ;)

Then I decided to bring peace to the universe and used the two adversaries in some experimental stamping nail art:

What I did here, was putting the stamping design (BPS L008) on my stamper, then colouring the parts I wanted to colour with Jedi and Sith and then I attemped to directly stamp in on my nail, without making a decal out of it. This proved to be difficult. The parts that were not coloured, would not let go of the stamper. So this method is not really good. But I tried and the resulting mani was alright. It could have been a china pattern, and since I visited "Dining with the Tsars" that day (an exhibition on china pieces that were used by the Tsars), it was kind of appropriate! 

I reviewed three other polishes a while ago, check them out here, here and here!

Now go to Samantha's pages and check out her creations! 

The exhibition was in Amsterdam, so I leave you with some Amsterdam pictures.

Sooooo who won according to you? The Jedi or the Sith? Or did my last mani convince you of peace between these arch enemies?


  1. Wow, that green is so bright! I love it! The nail art that you did over Sith is really cool too (:

  2. My little polish babies look so great on you!


  3. I like both the colors on their own ok, but that nail art is SO FLY! Love it!

  4. Not a fan of Star Wars, but that green is gorgeous and I love the bottles!

  5. That nail art rocks! I hate to even think or say that I would favor a Sith over a Jedi, but I really do! <3

  6. Two gorgeous polishes - I love the art you did with them!

  7. These are pretty, and the bottles are so interesting! I use the same general stamping technique you mentioned these days, but I also do a thin coat of polish on my nail first so that there's something for the stamped image to stick to. I think your attempt turned out great, honestly. :)

  8. Those bottles are SO cool! Love these!


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