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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ms. Sparkle Summer 2015 Collection

Hello lovelies!

Today I have three magical pretties from Ms. Sparkle's Summer 2015 Collection. Magical, because they are photochromic and hence change appearance in sunlight, which to me, is quite magical. Pretty, because they contain loads of ultrachrome flakies and spectratek. Doesn't that sound amazing? I think so! Now let's start with the swatches! Here we have "Glamour Beach":

As you can see, in the shade this polish is a clear topper with ucc flakies (three coats), casting a rainbow over my white base. This is what all polishes look like in the shade. Now see what happens when I walk to the sunshine!

Yes, this beautiful warm orange appears on my nails as if it were magic!

See the warm orange jelly base with the flakies, some shifting from gold-bronze-silver and others to pink-purple-blue-gold? And how about the holo sparkles lifting it up to immeasurable hights? Whoa!

Now let's see what happens when I take "Island Hopping" into sunlight:

 This warm green jelly contains ucc flakies shifting from copper-gold-green, which compliment the base and give it a tropical island vibe.
 And here's the last one, "Summer Paradise", a tropical party on your nails! Wanna see what this shifts into?

 Whoa that purple! This is the one with the most prominent colour shift, a deep purple jelly with pink-purple-blue-gold shifting flakies and holo sparkles!
I am really amazed by these polishes, I have never seen anything like them. Wearing this will surely have people staring at your nails, and that is all we want, always, isn't it? 

These pretties and three others (blue, yellow and pink) will be available soon in Ms. Sparkle's Etsy shop. Stay tuned with her facebook and instagram to be able to get yours as soon as they are available!


  1. Woah! Glamour Beach is very beautiful!

  2. Ohhh these are pretty! I only own one solar changing polish! I need to get more!

  3. That look so unique! Especially the purple looks great since the colorshift is so visible.

  4. How pretty! Really love Summer Paradise

  5. The color shifts look so awesome! I wish I had some solar polishes, but they rarely work on me.

  6. I like the stronger color shift in Summer paradise but all 3 seem really fun.

  7. Lovely indeed. This collection is something worth checking out.

  8. You really have been enjoying all of this collection! Inspired by your blog and some of your earlier posts I have gotten my first stamping set and some plates. Looking forward to trying it out and hope it works for me, ahaha. We'll see :)


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