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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ms. Sparkle Sheer O'Magic Collection: The Jellies

Hello lovelies!

Have I got a mighty fine collection for you! It's Ms. Sparkle's Sheer O'Magic Collection, consisting of 6 beautiful polishes containing loads and loads of colour shifting iridescent flakies. I've divvied up this magical collection into two parts: The Jellies and The Toppers and we will start with The Jellies! 

Starting off with my favourite from this collection, meet "Cinderella Lost Her Shoe At Midnight", a deep dark purple jelly full of flakies that shift from green to purple and give this an almost teal appearance. This is three thin coats with top coat. Application was flawless, but do double up on base coat, because this pretty is a stainer! It's worth the effort though, because why wouldn't you want to get lost in the mystical beauty of this gorgeous polish?

Because of the well known saying "Matte All The Flakies!", I matted all the flakies with Gosh matte top coat.

I love how it gives it a completely different look!

This is "Little Red Riding Hood Ate The Wolf", a sheer red jelly filled with blue shifting flakies. I layered it over a red base to prevent VNL and then applied two coats of this naughty Red Riding Hood plus top coat. This polish has much more depth IRL, but my camera refused to pick that up; it is always somewhat overwhelmed by the colour red...

 And now.. matte!

Isn't it pretty? Red.. but with a magical twist!

 The last one for today is "It's not that charming, Prince!", a bright blue jelly laced with pink shifting flakies. My camera picked up the depth of this beauty much better! This is two coats over a blue base, with top coat. Mesmerizing, right? The pink flakies accentuate the blue-ness of this polish, it's almost neon! It also somehow makes me think of water and I get kinda thirsty looking at the macros, lol!

The matte top coat gives it a whole other look! It mutes the blue a bit, making it lean towards periwinklishness, but brings out the colour shift of the flakies... It's like marble.

Overall conclusion:

Ms. Sparkle will have these babies ready for your purchasing needs tomorrow!

Now help me out here; which do you like better..?


  1. All of these are beautiful... but the matte versions made my heart stop! Beautifully done

  2. These are so pretty both ways! My eyes popped out when I saw your post go by on my IG feed!

  3. I can see why Cinderella Lost Her Shoe At Midnight is your favorite - the depth and richness is so good!

  4. Oh my stars! That red shade is just amazing.

  5. Oh man, I love mattified flakies!! *dies* So pretty!


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