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Monday, September 28, 2015

Incidental Twin Nail Lacquer "Gravity" + Freehanding

Hello lovelies!

More indie love from me today :) This is Incidental Twin "Gravity"

This pitch black jelly represents the vast reaches of space, with distant stars glistening in the background. The gold shards obviously  are the pieces of broken space station that orbit the earth. If at first you thought the glitter density is low, it's because space consists of mostly nothing, with something awesome every now and then!


This is three thin coats with 1 coat of SV. Application is easy, although the sparse glitter does require a teensy bit of placement. I love the depth of this beauty!

The beautiful colours of the glitter inspired me to do some freehanding. Now flowers have nothing to do with space, but I did not let that stop me, so beware!

I first painted white flowers and then filled it in with Essence "Electriiiic"  and My Indie Polish "Skinny Dipping". I outlined everything with NYC "Full Metal Jacket" and this beautiful nail art brush. Then I placed some little rhinestones in the corner and done! I have a lot of freehand practising to do, but the outcome of these is okay, I think.
You can buy this beautiful polish here and if you're interested in more from this brand, check out my reviews here!


  1. Gah, your swatches are always so gorgeous!! You make me want everything you show here haha!

  2. This polish is super pretty! So jelly and squishy and gorgeous! I love these kinds that have so much depth to them.

  3. The polish is pretty but the nail art you did is just gorgeous!

  4. I love polish like this. I want to poke at it!

  5. Love black jelly bases with those kinds of glitters that pop!

  6. The black jelly base is PERFECT with this shade!

  7. I love black polish and your mani is awesome, I love the final look !

  8. Great mani-your painting really pops against the black 💙


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