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Monday, October 5, 2015

BPS Squishy Stamper, Green Stamping Polish & BP-L029

Hello lovelies!

Remember last night's sapphire beauty from Mod Lacquer? I decided to do a little stamping over it, since I had just received new stamping material from! I received 4 stamping polishes and their new super squishy stamper. So I put them up to the test, starting with the green one:

Unfortunately, the sun had set already, so I took pictures in my lightbox. Hence the lack of holo flame. Forgive me. 

This is the stamper/scraper set I received. I'm in love. Now mind you, the stamper head requires a lot of prepping, but that will still be done in 5 minutes. I washed it with soap, then acetone, then buffed it with a glass nail file and then cleaned it with acetone again. It did the trick. Works perfectly now and that scraper is the most fantastic scraper ever:

The stamping polish, albeit not green IMO (more like teal), is super opaque and stamps like a dream. It shows well over both light and dark bases. A winner! The stamping plate I used here, is BP-L029 and I chose the negative image (i.e. an image which stamps the contours of a design instead of the design itself, which is usually tricky business) to put the polish and stamper to the ultimate test. They both passed with flying colours!

If you are as impressed by these products as I am, you might want to find the stamper here, the polish here and the plate here! And don't forget to use discount coupon code SXDQ10 at checkout, for 10% off your order!

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any yet? And do you like my manicure? I find it quite loud, I'm not sure whether to love it or to hate it...

Stay tuned for more stamping this week! 


  1. I love the colors you used and holy wow at that stamping polish pigmentation!

  2. I reviewed the same stamper today lol, although mine still won't pick up that well. And I need that stamping polish, it is gorgeous!

  3. Nice to see both the stamper and polish work well for you!

  4. Oh my goodness I have to get this set!

  5. I will have to try their stamping polish...that teal is gorgeous!

  6. Liking the looks of that stamper! The two blues match and have a stark contrast between each other incredibly well.


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