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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Try or Die: Double Stamping over Black

Hello lovelies!

Recently I tried something I had never attempted before: double stamping over black. 

I tried twice. It's a tricky thing. Not all stamping polishes show well over black and the colours one chooses shouldn't be too similar. Very very tricky. Let's have a look at my first attempt:

This look was achieved, using new silver stamping polish from BPS (the new stamping polishes, which I adore, see here, here, here and here if interested), Konad light blue stamping polish and BP-L029. I started with a base of Sinful Colors "Black on Black". Then I stamped with the baby blue and then with the same images, but different orientations, with the silver. And this is the result.

I was reasonably pleased with the result, although it wasn't exactly what I was expecting; I hadn't expected the baby blue to stamp so well over the black! The blue and silver are too similar in shade, therefore the floral image isn't really visible anymore and instead it seems as if there are just two colours of random lines intersecting all over the place. But still, it's kinda nice, in an abstract way.

For the second attempt, I decided to use a holo as my first stamping colour, being very subtle and then stamping over it with bright red:

It took me a loooong long time to decide on an image (having the previous "nothing-but-an-abstract-mess-scenario" in mind) and eventually I went for one that I had already recently used for double stamping: BP-L015. The holo is Joss "Sudden Impulse", a beautiful coral holo, although no coral showed up after stamping, as was to be expected; just some holo glitteriness that formed an image. Then I stamped over it with a bright red stamping polish from Laushine. The latter really disappointed; it apparently is not opaque enough to show well over black. It did however obscure most of the holo stamping, which was only really visible when direct light hit it. These photos were taken in a lightbox, with flash, as there was no sunlight anymore. I had worn it for a day before taking the pictures, to my second job interview (which went well, I got an offer, thanks to you ladies who had been sending me good thoughts after my first interview!)

Now I'd really love to hear your thoughts! Which of these is your favourite? Did you ever attempt double stamping over black? Do you have any tips for me w.r.t. colours and finishes?


  1. Great combos ! They look lovely !

  2. This is gorgeous. I've never double stamped, I can barely stamp once haha

  3. I just mastered stamping (kinda) and here you are with the double stamping. Looks gorgeous!

  4. I actually love the blue and silver attempt! I don't find them too close.

  5. I had to do such a double take! I love how these turned out in both combos!

  6. That 2nd one is my favorite. I adore them both though. Great job!

  7. I love that second look, it has the right build up for a double stamping :).

  8. I love both of these looks! I can't stamp at all, so I appreciate both looks :P

  9. I love both of these looks but the blue and silver one is my favorite. I tried double stamping once but it didnt turn out so great because like you mentioned not all colors work well over black. I must try again now after seeing these.


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