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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ms. Sparkle Pretty Little Liars Collection pt.1

Hi lovelies!

I already announced this marvelous collection yesterday so I just know you've been anxious to see these swatches... of the much anticipated Pretty Little Liars collection! Today I'm showing you the three A's: Aria, Alison and A. Here's Aria:

This beautiful bright purple jelly is filled with red hexes, red microglitter and a splash of holo. Colourful, different and bright, but sexy, like Aria. The red also references the love between Aria and Fitz, which is the most important love story throughout the series, from start to end. This is three thin, easy coats with top coat.

Now for Alison:

Alison is the queen of the group, before her disappearance and long thereafter. She's a super girly girl, hence the pink, but with a substantial amount of darkness, a.k.a. black shreds ;) She was one of my red coat suspects for a long time, hence the red circles. She has many disguises, so holo. But in the end she holds some light as well, so there we have the pearl shreds. She's so complicated! This is two coats with glitter food and Seche Vite.

And last, but certainly not least, we have A. I'm not going to do spoilers here, for those who still have to catch up, so I'll leave it at 'A' ;)

A is dark and everywhere, disguised as many people, yet nowhere to be found. It can only be seen as a red coat, so shreds of red coat are in there too! This is two coats of delicious darkness with top coat. 

That's it for today dolls! Don't you love love love these? I had so much fun brainstorming about these with Ms. Sparkle and she made them just perfect. If all goes as planned work-wise, I'll post Spencer, Emily and Hannah tomorrow!

Find all Ms. Sparkle goodness here:

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  1. Very nice, Aria and A are my faces. I can't wait to see Emily.

  2. Replies
    1. Ms. Sparkle is very sick at the moment, so hopefully later this week it will become available! Keep an eye out on her instagram :)

  3. First and third one are awesome, even for someone who doesn't watch the series!

  4. I love PLL but I'm only really liking A here. Yay black polish!

  5. Aria is my kind of polish, gorgeous! I really like A too. Emily looks like it'll be another gorgeous one!

  6. A is my favorite one of these three!

  7. holy cow. I didn't know I loved red and purple together until just now.

  8. I'm a huge PLL fan and cannot wait to get these! Each one of them fits the characters so perfectly!

  9. These all look really great! I need to watch the new episode!

  10. I love purple and red together! We need to see more polishes like that. I had to stop watching PLL, I was kinda over it :/


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