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Friday, March 18, 2016

Friends on Friday - many manis

Hello lovelies!

After having been MIA for almost two weeks (there was a car accident, a passing of a loved one and allergies that are in full swing), I'm back! Still very much behind though, so here's some manis that I did for friends over the past few months. 

Let's start with my new work friend. She had a gala to go to, so she asked me to do her nails. Her favourite colour is hot pink and she was going to wear black. So here's what I came up with! I used Ms. Sparkle "Girls Wanna Have Pink" as my base and stamped with Konad  black and BP-L015.

Next we have a nice lace stocking design I did for another friend, who is also a mom, so she doesn't get to do her nails as often as she likes! She was the first person I ever knew who did stamping, back in the day when it was introduced by Konad. I applied my hand mixed sheer black jelly and stamped with BP-L020.

Next mani was for my friend who wore this to her graduation! I used Celestial Cosmetics "You Win or You Die" and stamped with gold and a BP-L005.

Also did her mom's nails, with LynBDesigns "I'm not myself, you see" and gold and BP-L015.

And these are my dear friend The Lieutenant's nails, which I did just before she moved out of the country! CRY CRY CRY! I gave her some sparkle, so she HAD to think of me every time she saw her hands. I used Madam Glam "Beyond Gorgeous" and did accent nails with Konad white and BP-L024. I miss her.

Which of these manis is your favourite?


  1. aw *hugs* sorry you had to much going on :/ Pretty nails, though.

  2. So many designs in one go! I think my favourite was the first with the purple and the deep pink combination. I'm sorry to hear about the passing of someone close to you, whether it was friend or family :( Hope you're managing okay <3

  3. These are so pretty! I'm sorry you have had so many bad things happen recently <3

  4. Condolences for your loss :( you did a great job with these - I still struggle with doing nails that aren't my own lol!

  5. I'm deeply in love with the pink and the lace ones <3 but they're all great and elegant, despite the super bright colours!
    I hope you're getting fine, besides I'm sending you another very big big hug since I know they're never enough in these moments <3

  6. The second manicure is so elegant!!! =)

  7. These are great but I really like that last one!

  8. These are all so pretty! You have some lucky friends lol!


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