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Friday, June 10, 2016

Friends on Friday with Ms. Sparkle "Emerald"

Hi lovelies!

Remember that gorgeous birthstone polish from last month? Emerald? Well I wasn't the only one who loved it; so did my mom and my friend! So I created some manis on them with it. First up is my mom. There was actual sunlight when taking the pics! Teehee!

I stamped with one of those BC plates that I'be been using a lot lately, number 13, and BPS black stamping polish. My mom loves green,  so this was a good mani lol!

For my friend I stamped a lot of different images from BC-13. It was too hard to choose just one and those images just mix and match really well! Unfortunately we had no sunlight, so I used flash.

Look at that beautiful sparkle underneath...

And the flakies...

What do you think? Do you prefer the summer stamping or the classy stamping?


  1. I love them both because that polish is beautiful!

  2. The polish is beautiful and the plates went very well with the shade of green

  3. Such a pretty colour, I love that bird stamp too


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