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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friends on Friday - Stampathon pt. 1

Hi lovelies!

I did my sister's nails and my colleague's nails recently! Both involved holos and stamping - next week there will be even more stamping on my friends, it's a true stampathon! I love it; I get to try out design/colour combos and they get pretty nails - what more could anyone want? 

First up are my lovely colleague's nails. I am so impressed by her; she knew all by herself about accent nails, gradients and stuff. There's only one other friend that knows that stuff, all my other friends haven't got a clue what I'm talking about half the time! That is why my colleague deserved a manicure. With stamping. She had never seen stamping IRL, so it had to be done! We decided on a pink medium linear holo (Celestial Cosmetics June 2014 LE) with white floral stamping. She wears mostly light-coloured outfits, so this will suit them all! I stamped with BP-L001 and white stamping polish from BPS and sealed it in with SV.

Next we have my sister, who didn't have much of a say in the matter, I just decided BLUE! And tone-on-tone stamping, which I have recently come to love so much! I wanted to try with Mod Lacquer "Goodnight, Mod", a true sapphire ultra linear holo, and BPS bright blue stamping polish. I first applied two thin layers of "Goodnight, Mod" and sealed it in with SV. Then I stamped with the blue and that wonderful Qgirl-058 plate! I left the stamping matte, for the added contrasting effect.

Whatcha think of these manis?


  1. They're both so pretty, but the blue over the holo is downright magical!

  2. The idea of a stampathon has me smiling, especially as I have never heard of something like that before :3 Loving the white flowers :D


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