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Friday, August 12, 2016

Potion Polish "Desert Moon"

Hello lovelies!

Boy do I have something pretty today: "Desert Moon" from Potion Polish. You've got to see this ethereal beauty! Beware though: I took too many pictures and I couldn't choose between them. I'm sorry.

Although this is simply described as a 'pale mauve with silver holo flakes and silver holo glitter in various sizes', this is one hell of a complex polish, you guys! Two coats with glossy top coat; look at it!

I wondered what it would look like matte as well, so I applied some HEMA matte top coat.

I like it, but the glossy version is more magical!

Now of course it had to be stamped as well. For this I used an image that I have used many times in the past few months. It just happens to be a timeless pattern that looks good with almost everything! And I just love it. Can't help it. Below is the design stamped with BPS silver stamping polish over matte:

And for completion, also the glossy stamped version!

So now I have two questions for you: 
1. Polish - glossy or matte?
2. Stamping - glossy or matte?


  1. This is SO pretty, and it just looks even better with the stamping!

  2. I love this, especially matte and the stamping over it is beautiful

  3. The stamping brings out the beauty!!

  4. I first of this brand when I bought a set of polishes for my swap girl but I'm just realizing how beautiful they are. I love the stamping and I LOVE the matte look.

  5. I love the polish but it gets just amazing with nail art on top. I think it would be a pretty wedding mani, too!

  6. Love your stamping! I agree, it's so much better glossy. :D

  7. That color is amazing! I love how soft it is and the glitters elevate it!

  8. This is sooo pretty! And the stamping you chose to go with it is perfect. It makes me think of a wedding!

  9. Oh it sooooo beautiful, especially after you stamped it

  10. This is beautiful, but matte all the way!


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