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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Zombie Claw Polish - College Football Collection

Hi lovelies!

Today I have three new polishes from a new-to-me brand for you! Three polishes from the College Football Collection by Zombie Claw Polish. Now I don't know a whole lot about football (or, as we call it, AMERICAN football, since football to us is what US peeps call soccer ;) ), except for touchdown and quarterback (although of the latter I only know that they're usually the most popular in school and have a bitchy girlfriend, but what in the world their function is, no idea!)  

The polishes have been inspired by their respective school mascots. Let's start with "Nittany", the lion of Penn State:

Nittany is a fierce royal blue - the Penn State colour - jelly with a smattering of fine white holographic glitter. It applies easily and is opaque in two coats. That slight VNL that you see in the pictures is something that tends to happen with the combination of this colour and my camera - it is not at all visible IRL. Nittany dries semi-matte, so I advice a glossy top coat, as I have done here.

Next up is "CAM the Ram"!

CAM the Ram is Colorado State's mascot and wears the school's green colours. Therefore this glitter bomb is a simple yet effective collection of green and gold metallic glitters in a clear jelly base. It can be used on its own or as a glitter topper. To wear it alone, be sure to sponge it on rather than brushing it, as the glitter density is not high enough for simply brushing it. This is two sponged coats with NPB glitter food and glossy top coat.

CAM also makes for a beautiful fall (and dare I say, in three months, Xmas?) top coat. Here I layered it over Ms. Sparkle "Virgo". I really love this combo!

Last but not least is the intriguing "Brutus"!

Brutus is a grey crelly with red metallic glitter and tons of white shimmer. It applies easily as well and is opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on thickness. This is two medium coats with glossy top coat.

Fun fact - Brutus started out like this:

I was curious what this beauty would look like matte, so I applied some Etos matte top coat!

Trying out Zombie Claw Polish was a very pleasant experience! Not only are the polishes really pretty and of high quality, I also learned some stuff about college football, lol! I think my favourite from the bunch is Nittany - I am a total sucker for these royal blues! And this one sparkles, so it kinda makes me want to swim in it... 

The total collection consists of two more polishes, so if you're a football fan, you might want to check out Zombie Claw's shop and social media! The polishes are $9.50 each and for 40 bucks you'll get all five with free shipping, so that's an awesome deal!

Which one is your favourite?


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