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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Indie Polish "Sunsets at Bluffers Park"

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Hi lovelies!

Time for another one of My Indie Polish's pretties! This is "Sunsets at Bluffers Park", inspired by the Scarborough Bluffs, which according to wiki "have been described as a 'geological wonder' and a unique feature in North America."

This beauty is a textured polish, like those rocky cliffs, filled with different glitters in orange and red and iridescent - the latter of which shine a mystic blueish green. It is very prominent IRL, but it did not transfer in these pics. 

I applied three coats. I recommend 10 minutes dry time between layers, it takes a while to dry. Application is very smooth, the polish levels out well. Some VNL is still visible, but more so on the pictures, than IRL. It does not bother me. I absolutely love the textured finish!

So what to stamp... Circles!

First I applied some top coat, because stamping over a smooth surface is better. Then I took my new red BPS stamping polish and Delush "Dazed and Enthused" stamping plate and stamped me some circles! I sealed it in with another coat of SV.

This gorgeous and versatile glitter beauty is available now in Tanya's shop!


  1. Wow, that inspiration picture is so beautiful! Love the stamping you did :)

  2. Ohh, that is so pretty! I love how the glitter peeks out against the red!

  3. Yes, orange is my favourite colour! I love the glitter and the sparkle in this particular shade as well ^^

  4. This is so gorgeous! I'm not an orange person but this makes me want to try it out!!

  5. This is a very unique polish! And it's PERFECT with that stamping you added!!


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