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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ms. Sparkle's Anniversary Collection

These items were send to me for review. All opinions are my own. - *Picture heavy*
Hi lovelies!

Today I celebrate Ms. Sparkle's three-year anniversary! Congratulations! Simone created a special collection for this occasion, inspired by the different facets in the business that have made it a success. 

Let's start with "Tiff Made Me Do It!" 

Tiff is a luscious wine red, eggplant-leaning jelly filled with holo hexes, shreds and holo sparkles. This is two good coats with NPB Glitter Food and SV top coat. The sparkle and depth are off the charts! 

Such depth asks to be matted, going for a marble effect...

Next up is "Talk Nerdy To Me" (great, now that song is stuck in my head _again_):

Nerdy is inspired by the many nailistas who also happen to be nerds. It's a very common occurence. This aqua/turquoise crelly is loaded with copper, brown and blue glitter, ucc flakies and a whole lot of pink shimmer. It applies easily and is opaque in two coats. Top coat is required to smooth it out, but it is not a very hungry glitter. Glossy and in the sunlight, it has a mermaid-y effect, which is gorgeous. 

When matte, however, it's totally kick-ass and special. Look it! Yumsies...

Third on my list is "Shifting Flakies", a multichrome topper, that shifts from green-gold to blue with unicorn flakies and iridescent glitter. Shimmer, shifts and flakies are one of Ms. Sparkle's favourite features.

This is two coats over black, in sunlight, bringing out the shiny shimmers.

The shade brings out the colour shift and the glitter.

And when matte, the iridescent glitter and unicorn flakies become very apparent. Such a cool effect!

I needed to try it over blue, too.

I layered just one coat over a royal blue from HEMA. Isn't it so mermaid princess-y?! I love it!

Next up is appropriately called "Favourite Ingredients", pinpointing Simone's preferences in polish making beautifully. It also refers to the Multichrome Madness group, for which Simone recently created three customs. We've got a multichrome base, ucc flakies and holo all wrapped into one bottle of awesome! This is the sunlight version:

This is two coats with top coat. It applies beautifully. 

In the shade, the flakies light up beautifully in a sea of copper:

And in daylight, just look at that shift!

Another multichrome baby is "Salty Bitch Confessions", inspired by Acetone Alley - a facebook group where people can bring their polish-related grievances. I swatched this baby three times; my camera had a hard time capturing this versatile beauty and the weather wasn't my friend either.

This is a purple multichrome, full of linear holo and little holo hexes. Stunning, fun and fresh! It applies easily and is opaque in two thin coats. The little hexes get hungry, so one or two layers of top coat are required to smooth things over. 

In daylight, the pink-to-red-to-purple colour shift is clearly visible. In artificial light, it becomes a sort of mysterious purple shimmer:

Cool, huh? And in sunlight it simply sparkles your butt off!

Now last, but certainly not least, is a very nice surprise, which I didn't know about until I read the bottle... It's "Manis & Makeovers"! Such an honour to have a polish named after my blog! I was her very first swatcher and we've been in working together for almost three years now! The polish is inspired by the many glitter jellies we created together and has big holo circles, because I love those!

It's a mossy green jelly with all kinds of glitter, flakies, shreds, big circles and lots and lots of holo - in different shades, shapes and sizes. What seems random, comes together beautifully on the nails with this one. It's opaque in two coats with minor fishing. Because of the chunky glitter, NPB Glitter Food is required and of course a glossy top coat to bring out that sparkle! I do recommend doubling up on basecoat, as this green baby tends to stain the nails.

That sparkle, aaaahhh!!!

And then gone with the sparkle, I want to see it matte!

I love the entire collection! My favourites are "Manis & Makeovers" and "Tiff Made Me Do It!".

To celebrate her three-year anniversary, Ms. Sparkle is going all out:
  • SALE - 30% off everything (including new collections) with code "YAY30OFF" until May 5th
  • Free bottle of polish from the Anniversary Collection on orders over $35 (after discount)
  • Temporary restock of 100 golden oldies
  • Combined shipping
  • Group buys welcome

So I'd say... go nuts! All info is below :) 

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  1. It's an amazing collection *_*

  2. I am a sucker for circle glitters.

  3. I absolutely love Tiff with the matte topcoat. All
    Of the swatches are gorgeous

  4. Talk Nerdy and your namesake are stunning! What a wonderful surprise!

  5. That's so cool that she named a polish after you!! The entire collection is gorgeous!

  6. Ahhh that M&M polish is amazing and that's so cool!!! This is one of those brands I have been meaning to try for ages, I think this is going to be the month I actually do it! :)


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