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Monday, July 24, 2017

#Lakdoor by Lak door Tijn - Polish for a cause

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to start of the week with with something impressive. No, not my mani, but the fact that one little boy was able to unite an entire country through nail polish, for a cause. 

It started out with last year's annual Serious Request. Tijn, a 6-year old boy with incurable brainstem cancer, arrived at the DJ's glass house with nail polish, attempting to raise 100 euros for the Red Cross cause by polishing people's nails, to help those children who still stood a chance of surviving their illness. (Yes, if you're tearing up now, that's completely human). Long story short, varnishing one's nails became a sort of ice bucket challenge and Tijn was able to raise over 2.5 million euros. (If your jaw dropped now, that's completely human as well).

Since Tijn had stolen all our hearts, it was only a matter of time before another celebrity became inspired. Dutch comedian Youp van 't Hek heard about a new robot that could help treat children with brainstem cancer and eventually may even be able to cure it. But there wasn't any money available to buy it, because insurance companies generally s*ck. A minimum amount of 1 million euros was needed to start the purchase of the machine. So Youp started cooperating with "Stichting Semmy" - a charity dedicated to children with this type of brainstem cancer - and with Tijn. A crowdfunding campaign (#Lakdoor, meaning 'polish on') was born: buy one of Tijn's favourite nail polish shades (red, pink, blue and purple) and the proceeds will go to funding the new type of robot.

I kid you not; when I saw the commercial on TV for the first time, I grabbed my phone and immediately purchased one of the bottles (the only thing that stopped me from buying all of them, was that I simply didn't have the cash).

Not long after that, Tijn died, on the last day of the crowdfunding campaign. His funeral was on what would have been his 7th birthday. A few days later I received my bottle. He again managed to raise 1.2 million euros, 20% more than the target amount! It is beyond impressive what he did with only polish and love.

So this mani is my small way of honouring Tijn, with polish and love. 

Oh my accent nail I reverse stamped with BPS black and QA-86. On my pinky I double stamped with the same plate.

The red polish is beautifully bright and squishy, with a jelly-like consistency. It's opaque in three coats on long nails and two on short. It dries to a glossy finish, but I used SV to speed up the process and seal it in.

Rest in peace, Tijn. We will #lakdoor for you.


  1. What a gorgeous color! Where is this brand from?

    1. I don't know where it was manufactured, but I assume in The Netherlands. It was a crowdfunding campaign.

  2. Wow, such an amazing story and legacy to leave behind for one little child. RIP!! #lakdoor

  3. My heart hurts after reading that, but what a remarkable little boy! Your mani is gorgeous!

  4. This was so touching and hurts my heart. What an incredible little boy. That is such a beautiful red


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