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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ms. Sparkle "Shine Brightly" - Yellow Polish Lovers Group Custom

Hi lovelies!

For the facebook group that is entirely devoted to yellow nail polish, Ms. Sparkle created "Shine Brightly", a crelly packed with unicorn pigment and ucc flakies. 

The polish applies flawlessly despite the sometimes larger flakies and is opaque in a mere two thin coats - very impressive! Despite the good opacity, it leaves enough room for a beautiful depth, which can be seen in this close-up:

With such gorgeous flakies and shimmers, one cannot resist mattifying...

The funny thing is that I just moved to a new place and my accent wall is this shade of yellow! How appropriate!

"Shine Brightly" retails for $9.95 and will be available on Monday June 4th in Ms. Sparkle's Etsy shop!



  1. Thanks for the gorgeous swatches!! I went to the Etsy store and it says Ms. Sparkle is on break. There's nothing for sale :-(


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