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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ms. Sparkle - Birthday Duo 2018

Hi lovelies!

Today we celebrate Simone's birthday! And we do so with an exquisite multichrome duo:

The first of them is "Simone", a wonderful magnetic holo multichrome with pink ucc flakies!

The polish applies easily and is opaque in two coats. I used a cat-eye magnet on the second coat and sealed it in with SV. It's like a galaxy!

In the shade, the magnetic effect is even more visible, as are the flakies:

The second of the duo is "Kristin", a gold-to-green-to-blue shifting beauty with loads of holo and ucc flakies!

This is what it looks like indoors. The flakies are very prominent and the gold-to-green shift is beautiful:

Outside in the shade some of the holo sparkle shines through, as does the blue shift:

Yet tilting your hand in direct sunlight to me is the most beautiful, with that beautiful holo sparkle!

I also did some stamping over "Simone" - a bouquet of pink roses:

The duo is available now in Simone's Etsy. All polishes are 10-free (no formaldehyde resin • no triphenyl phosphate • no trimethyl pentanyl • no phthalates • no xylene • no DBP • no toluene • no formaldehyde • no camphor • no parabens).

Happy happy birthday Simone!

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