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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Family summer manis

Hi lovelies!

I've been doing my family's nails a lot, but haven't been taking pictures that much... except for a few. Let's start with my sister's nails, on which I tried gel polish with nail art:

I started with Madam Glam "Perfect White" and then smooshed a myriad of P2 jellies on there. I continued by stamping with DP-02 and BPS white and finished with two coats of gel top coat (it got a bit bumpy, hence two coats to smooth it out). She was able to wear it for a week, before experiencing lifting. I am still trying to find the right balance of buffering and primer and dehydrating and such (I don't want to damage the nails too much, you see).

I also recently gave my mom's nubs a summer vibe:

The base is Ms. Sparkle "Tourmaline" and I reverse stamped with BP-L066, BPS black and white. It was very warm, so I only did the pinky and ring finger; I always get overheated by doing nails (dunno why, probably because of the focus), so it becomes extra challenging in tropical temperatures...

Which mani would you rather wear? 
And does anybody else get overheated when doing nails, or is that just me?

Well that's it, I hope to be doing more of my friends' and family's nails, it is one of my favourite things!

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