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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Accent nails with BP Spring Garden L003

Hi lovelies!

Today the weather was awfully dreary, so let's jump back a few days, to when I could take nail pics in sunlight! Now I don't always have a whole lot of time, so sometimes an accent nail will have to do. I got this new plate that is perfect for just that: BP Spring Garden L003.

For this mani I used LynBDesigns "Searing Lemon", HEMA white base and the blue is from Sweden: IsaDora Jeanious "Slim Fit". I reverse stamped using BPS black and sealed it all in with SV.

Next up I have a sexy red that I only wore once and wanted to wear again: Ms. Sparkle "Tatsuo":

I reverse stamped again, this time colouring the sunflower with Ms. Sparkle "Orla" and BPS brown stamping polish.

Yes, I take far too many pictures, but I do that for myself, like my nails. I do my nails because then I can enjoy looking at them. I do other people's nails not only because I like prettifying them and making my friends happy, but also because then I have more colours and patterns to look at ;-)

I love the images on this plate. They're a bit too large for my nails, but I can make them work. If you have really long talons, this is a must-have plate for you.


  1. These reverse stamps are adorable! You selected such nice, contrasting shades.

  2. I love both manis but that sunflower stamp is gorgeous!


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