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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ms. Sparkle's Kaleidoscope Collection

Hello lovelies!

Next week Ms. Sparkle will release her newest collection: Kaleidoscope! 

This collection consists of six sparkly shifters that can be worn both without undies and over black. I'll show you the versions over black and for naked undies you should check out Ms. Sparkle's insta!


"Zenith" shifts from green to pink and has tiny scatter holo pigments, very pretty! Shown here is one coat over black. It can also be worn in three coats on its own.


"Eviternity" shifts from lilac to pink to rose gold and is so pretty with the holo sparks in the sun! Shown here are two coats over black. It can also be worn on its own in four thin coats.


"Lollygag" shifts from a beautiful gold to a stunning green. One coat over black or three coats on its own is all you need!


"Nebulous" shifts from purple to gold with a stunning splash of holo. Shown again in one coat over black, to be worn without undies in three thin coats.


"Shenanigans" shifts from sea green to pink. Only one coat over black is needed, or three on its own!


"Ragamuffin" is so cool in direct light! It shifts from blue to purple and pink and the holo complements that perfectly. Shown here in two coats over black, it can also be worn in four coats on its own.

If you're a multichrome polish fan, this collection is an absolute must-have. The polishes are so versatile, since they can be worn alone or with undies. I will be trying them on different darker shades for sure. The Kaleidoscope collection will be launched in Ms. Sparkle's webshop next week, so keep informed through facebook or instagram!

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