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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ms. Sparkle "Super Mario Galaxy"

Hello lovelies!

I know we're well into January, but since this is my first post this year, I want to wish you all a very happy 2021! I hope this year we'll all get our vaccines and life can go back to relatively normal - at least with minimal safety protocols and no more lockdowns! 

I'm starting the new year with a swatch of a super happy polish by Ms. Sparkle for the Polished Gamers Box: "Super Mario Galaxy".

This polish a blue shimmery one with holo glitters in different colours and shapes and of course cute stars, like the ones you can collect in the game! I applied two coats, minimal placement of glitters was needed. I sealed it in with glitter food and glossy top coat.

from MarioWiki via Pinterest

I also did applied some matte top coat:

However, I prefer the glossy version this time, because of the holo glitters and the depth. 

The Polished Gamers Box is available here! For more information on the Polished Gamers, check out this Linktree, it has everything!

What do you think people, did this polish make you want to play Mario? Or did Mario make you want to buy this polish? I have to admit that I hardly ever play, since it's too addictive for me, but this polish does remind me of an epic evening with friends I had just before the first lockdown, playing Smash Bros. I hope some day soon that will be possible again...

And because I couldn't decide on which macro to use, this encore:


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