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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friends on Friday: Silly Franken Fun for the Bday Girl!

Hey lovelies!

There are two major reasons for this blog. 
1. The Lieutenant, who convinced me and is cofounder and coblogger and 
2. The friend who got me into all this madness in the first place! 
She sent me some links of cute nail art a few years ago and from that moment on I kept on buying until I could reproduce everything! Today we celebrate her birthday and since she is abroad and I cannot physically be with her to celebrate, i hereby dedicate this post to her. 

Dear silly friend, I frankened a polish for you and you will receive it once you're back home. I hope you like it:

I used loads of different nail polishes for this and this is the outcome, a lilac base with pink shimmer and black, silver, red, pink and blue glitter of different sizes. I swatched it for you:


Direct Sunlight:



I hope you like it. It is named after you ;-) There is only one bottle and it is yours! 



  1. Only one bottle in the whole wide world... now that's a cool gift!

    Wow, and it looks just like a professionally made bottle of nail polish... awesome stuff! Keep at it!

    xoxoxo Kitty

    1. Thank you Kitty! So sweet :) It is so much fun to do this stuff :D xoxoxo


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