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Friday, September 27, 2013

Twinsie Thursday - 80's Funk!

Hey lovelies!

Get ready for another Twinsie Thursday with Samantha from Southern Sparkle Nail Art!! 

Hello Lacquer Lovers!

I’m back! Yes, I’m back for another Twinsie Thursday! The theme was the 80’s! As a child of the late 90’s I had some research to do, but I hope that y’all like what I’ve come up with! The color scheme was purple, black, yellow, and white.

I used a different technique for this design! In fact, the design had been painted 3 days before! If you have guessed already, I made my own nail stickers! I will have a super in depth tutorial on how to do that on my blogSunday, so if you would like to see that please stop on by!

I used ProFX Quick Dry Top Coat, a unnamed Color Club Yellow, an unnamed Color Club Purple, Wet n Wild French White Crème, Sinful Colors Black on Black, China Glaze Whirled Away, and Sinful Color Clear Coat.

For the index and pinkie nails I painted 2 coats of my base color and 1 coat of China Glaze Whirled Away. For my middle finger I used tape to make a chevron and used my dotting tool with Sinful Colors Black on Black. For my ring finger I used tape to make a chevron pattern and used my dotting tool with Wet n Wild French White Crème and Sinful Colors Black on Black. I top coated and I was off!
I thought it looked very neat with a black and white filter, so I thought you may want to take a look!
I used an artificial white light to show the true colors.

You can see Lothwen's creation here!

Thanks again for having me Lothwen! We will have to do this again soon!

Thanks Samantha! I really love your take on it, and I love how we both thought triangles! Whirled away goes PERFECT with this, good thinking! We will make this a monthly thing :D


Monday, September 23, 2013

Franken: Back to being princess

Hey lovelies and in particular my baby sister, who's celebrating her birthday!

Today I present you the present for her. A frankened pretty pink princess polish with silver and holo glitter, and some iridescent hexes and some fuchsia micro glitter and a pink shimmer :

Swatch-It Sunday: Essence "Only Purple Matters"

Hey there!

Quick swatch from the new Essence Nail Art collection: the glitter topper "Only Purple Matters". It is truly packed with glitter, so I tried two coats on its own and well look at that! It is opaque! I find it gorgeous :D 


Direct Sunlight:

I heard some people found the application to be hard, but I had no problems; as with most glitters, one just has to dab properly. I also swatched one easy coat over Catrice "Purple Reign", which is also very nice:


I'm very happy with this polish and I highly recommend it!


Friday, September 20, 2013

FoF: Baby Elmo - manicure for a two-year-old

Hello lovelies,

Today I show you the cutest mani I have ever done: Elmo on my friend's two-year-old daughter. She's my favourite little princess, together with her six-month-old sister. And on my birthday, she let me paint her nails with her favourite Sesame Street character: Elmo. Her mom had shown her The Lieutenant's Nails that I had done a while back, and ever since she remembered. 

We had a picnic together as well. And some phone conversations. It was all there in the basket.

Now all this is tricky business, since she does not quite understand the danger of nail polish getting EVERYWHERE, but she was really really good at sitting still and holding out her hands so that I could paint them. I did as few layers as possible and sealed it with Seche Vite, so that it would dry asap. Yes she is a natural at this and I expect this was the beginning in a long line of manis :D 

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! And her mom told me that she liked it too. <3


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preppy French Tips, That's What I Mint!

Hey lovelies!

This is what I'm actually wearing right now! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Different Dimension: Another Brick In The Wall - Swatch & Review

Hello lovelies!

Today I present: Another Brick In The Wall by Different Dimension. I acquired this pretty from Llarowe, with the gift certificate I won from Essie from She has recently taken an hiatus from blogging, but continues to support nail polish bloggers. She's the best! Thank you so much, Essie, for helping me to get my second indie ever! <3

Now onto the pretty. Another Brick In The Wall is glitter topper with medium and large neon pink hexes, medium and little neon squares, black and white rectangles and black and silver holo micro glitters. Doesn't that sound just amazing? I know! So look at it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

FoF: Pink Cherry Blossom

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a summer design I did for a friend. It's a simple cherry blossom, inspired by Robin Moses. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Inverse Glitter Gradient!

Hi lovelies!

Quick Tutorial for one of my favourite and most versatile designs, that always works! The Inverse Glitter Gradient:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109 - Swatch & Review

Hello lovelies!

Something pretty I will show! Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109, as Essie says, a pink Floam!

Swatch-It Sunday: Essence Sparkle Sand Effects Nail Polish [pic heavy]

Hello lovelies!

Today (I mean, it's still Sunday in, like, the States and all ;) ) I will show you swatches of the new Sparkle Sand Effect nail polishes by Essence. Like OPI liquid sand, but then affordable in Europe ;) There are only 3 so far, but I'm sure there will be more to follow (I really really hope!). A nude "Hey Nude!", a sexy red "Me & My Lover" and a grungy black "Here's My Number". Let's start with the latter ('cause so did I). [B T dubs, my friends gave me these for my bday ;) ]

As you can see, it is a nice dark grey/blackish polish with holo and black glitters and a fine micro shimmer. It's is all kinds of sparkly IRL, the photo's don't do it justice! It's opaque in 2 coats, but it dries very very slowly. Also, to obtain the best sand effect, one should not use a base coat. Not only will it not dry as sandy, but it will also slow down the drying process even more... Dry time is an issue with all of these 3 polishes. But they are gorgeous. So let's go to the next: Me & My Lover: 

This is 2 easy coats again. It is bright sexy red, with a golden and pink shimmer. This polish screamed black rhinestones to me (yeah, it just did, I dunno, but I had to obey!). Just FYI, don't push them into the wet polish (as is sufficient for 'normal' nail polish). Underneath the rhinestone it will NEVER dry. Wait for the "Me & My Lover" to dry and then attach them with some nail glue. That will do the trick. 

Now last, but not least, "Hey, Nude!", based on a popular song that a iconic singer in Utrecht used to sing every year for Queensday. 

SUNLIGHT! (finally)

Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous. This one is very sheer, so even after these 3 coats, there's still some VNL, but it's OK for this one. This one has some chunky silver glitter and silver shimmer. Awesome! 

Now I thought a bit of nail art was in order, and I wanted to try the ikat with these three:

And of course, I made a tutorial, since it was an easy peasy design ;)

So, all in all... LOVE! I had shown you my first texture here, but it was different, since it was glitterless. This is, in my opinion, BETTER! Trust me, you will not be able to avert your eyes from your nails, once you wear this! The only down side is the dry time, but one could easily overcome that for this budget-friendly price ;)


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friends on Friday: 4 designs for 4 girls

Hello lovelies!

I went on a weekend trip with my friends from high school last weekend, and there was not a lot of time, but I managed to get 4 victims for my mani mania ;) This is the result!

This was done with W7 "white" and Hema no. 23.

A ruffian with W7 "Silver" and Gosh "Berry Me".

This is Catrice "George Blueney", Essence "Night in Vegas" (flakies) and "Gold Fever" (glitter). 

 At some point there were cows. This background is Molly. Sweetest thing, that Molly <3

Yay it matches her purse! The base colour is Catrice "Welcome to Rosywood". The tutorial for the flowers can be found here

That was fun! 

xoxoxo Captain

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