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Monday, September 23, 2013

Franken: Back to being princess

Hey lovelies and in particular my baby sister, who's celebrating her birthday!

Today I present you the present for her. A frankened pretty pink princess polish with silver and holo glitter, and some iridescent hexes and some fuchsia micro glitter and a pink shimmer :

I swatched it, but it was really to bad that there was no direct sunlight... And I had to take the pics with my phone, because I forgot my camera somewhere (I'll get it back next week).

It's as if a princess barfed on my hands. It's even prettier IRL, believe me, it sparkles and everything.. I called it "Back to being princess", for my sister is named after someone who recently became princess, again.

Happy birthday sweetie! Your present is in the mail (since they no longer deliver post on Mondays..)



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