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Monday, June 10, 2013

Nail Art with "Made By Me" studs from Action + review.

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a budget alternative to the amazing studs from Born Pretty Store. I found them for 2 euros at Action's. The might not be as nice, but they do the trick! They come in different sizes and are not actually meant for nails, but they work perfectly fine. The size you want to go for is SS6, as seen on the lower right corner of the package:

As you can see, they come in 3 different colours: gold, silver and bronze. There are stars, squares and tiny round rhinestone-shaped pieces in there. Unfortunately the tiny gold studs are a much more yellow gold than the bigger gold studs, so you can't really use them in a mani together. But hey, 2 euros... So this is a mani I did with some silver studs:

It is loosely based on a design by Cutepolish. I tried to get indentations like her on my ring finger, but for some reason, I failed miserably. Still really love the bad-ass look of the studded nail. The rest is not my greatest creation either; My hands were really shaky. But the studded nail is just really cool ;-) The base colour for this mani is Hunkemoller "Vintage Pink" and the black is my  black striper from Etos and NYC "City Blackout". Everything is topped off with Hema Matte Top Coat.

Placing the studs is easy: I just put a dot of top coat on my nail and then picked up a stud with my dotting tool and placed it in the blob of top coat. Easy peasy! They stick perfectly fine.

What do you think?


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