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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dupe Alert! Golden Rose 115 vs CG It's A Trap-eze!

Hello lovelies!

Quickie post! I have friends over from Paris, and we're gonna watch a new TV series in a minute (Devious Maids). I wanted to show you Golden Rose 115, a white crelly with multicolour glitter. And yes, it is a PERFECT dupe of CG It's A Trap-eze! Look:

Tell me, which is which?

So in case you were not able to get your hands on the China Glaze goodness, just get this one :) It's perfect :)


P.S. Right: CG, Left: GR. The CG evens out a little better than GR, but that is the only difference!
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  1. How much is the Golden rose polish? Would be great if it was cheaper :D

    1. It is! In my country at least ;) It is 3.95 euros in the webshop (


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