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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Twinsie Thursday - Thanksgiving

Hello Lacquer Lovers!

It's Twinsie Thursday, so get to see (read? haha) me, Samantha, again! :) This month's theme was Thanksgiving! I know that Lothwen doesn't celebrate, because it is a predominately American holiday, but who doesn't love comfort food and turkeys?

For the accent nail, I used Zoya Flynn for the base. I then took yellow, orange, and red nail art stripers and made the feathers. Then, taking a brown striper, I drew the body. I finished the turkey off with it's eyes, using a white and black striper. I used Zoya Dhara, for the rest of my nails. Dhara is a lovely orange Pixie Dust.

This mani is a recreation of last years Thanksgiving manicure, so you get a Throwback Thursday! (Be nice, this is when I first entered the nail world. I didn't even have a blog yet!) When I look back, it looks more like a person with a beak, but I still love it. Haha. :)

That is all for this Twinsie Thursday! Make sure to stop by and check out the look Lothwen created! As I am writing this post, I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it is amazing! 

Thank you Samantha :D I love your turkey, he is sooooo cute! <3 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all!
And head over to Samantha's blog to see my creation:


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