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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friends on Friday: Dots 'n Roses

Hello lovelies!

Time for a good old Friends on Friday, with a new friend and colleague! She volunteered her hands AND bought me a beer :D Excellent deal, don't you think? 

She had just bought a new top with dots and was wearing it, so I got inspired. This is the result (captured with my phone, but not too bad this time):
I used W7 Black and White as the base and for the dots. Then I freehanded the roses with a nail art brush, and various colours, some of which I  mixed with white to get the right shade. A tutorial for a similar design, can be found here
The mani lasted for more than 4 days, lol! We'll be doing this again soon, it's a welcome break from screen-staring ;) 


  1. That is so pretty! I absolutely love the roses. Amazing!

  2. i this is absolutely amazing, neat and perfect. i love the look idea and how accurate you are.


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