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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Neon Zebra Gradient

Hello lovelies!

Today I have for you a mani that's part of the Twin Blog Post group that I'm part of. I was lucky enough to have been randomly teamed up with Samantha this time, my bestie from Southern Sparkle Nail Art! Check out her awesome creation HERE.

Now on to mine:

COLOUR! Yes :D Made me very happy. It was a bit of work, hence just two nails got gradiented ;) I counted, there's 10 coats of crap on those!
I started of with a base coat, then 2 coats of P2 Square Affaire white nail polish, that my friends from Germany got me (remember this pretty?). On the pinky and index finger I added some Clowning Around from Polish Me Silly, neon rainbow glitter, oh yes! And I added a square stud on each of them and sealed in with two coats of SV. 
On the middle and ring fingers, I sponged on neon with some neon acrylic paint (hoping it would make clean-up easier, which it did). However, merely sponging proved a bit difficult, it wouldn't stick. So I dabbed on each colour seperately and blended and stuff... it worked in the end. Then I needed to smooth it out, because it dried very gritty, because of the dabbing. I decided it needed a tad bit of sparkle too, so I applied two coats of MNY Transforming Top Coat by Maybelline, which gives it a bit of rainbow shimmer. It sparkles in the sun!
Then I painted on the zebra stripes with a striper and I sealed it all in with SV. So what do you think? This would also be nice, if the other nails would've been black, instead of white. But I needed to add the Neon Glitter, one can understand ;)

Now don't forget to see Samantha's design!


  1. AYIEEE!!!! That is so awesome!!! *dies*

  2. So amazingly bright and cheerful! I love it!

  3. They're beautiful! And I love the combination with the neon rainbow glitter.

  4. Love the colours and the glitter you've paired it with, it looks fab!

  5. WOW! I love it :D Perfect for summer. I wonder though if there is a safer way to do the gradients though cause acrylics are plastic paints and are probably worse than the crappiest nail polishes out there.

    1. Thank you! <3
      You might be right, I don't know... neither of them are healthy, I suppose ;) However, the acrylic paint was sealed in with nail polish, so when it comes to putting your fingers in your mouth, it won't matter ;) But for the environment it might... I have thought about this a lot, but I just cannot give up on this hobby.. So I try to compensate with other environment-affecting behaviour...
      When applying it, I don't know, I think one should always be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area ;)

  6. What fun nails you made! I LOVE how bright and bold they turned out. You both did a fantastic job :)


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