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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gosh "Girls on Film"

Hello lovelies!

I have another glitter gradient for you, I love them so much, I can't help it. I used an untried that I bought because it was so glittery and girly - Gosh "Girls on Film". I applied it as a reverse gradient to Essence "boys are back in town". 

Girls on Film is just goooorgeous! Pale pink hexes and silver micro holo glitters in a clear suspension, GoF sparkles your eyes out!
I couldn't choose...

Look at its splendor, and the way both polishes compliment each other. I kept this on my nails for as long as I could ;)


  1. This is gorgeous and I now have a weird remix of the songs in my head but still... super pretty and so chic.

    1. Thank you Charlie!
      I hope the songs are good ones nonetheless ;)


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