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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Girly Bits "Monster Mash"

Hello lovelies!

Here we have another pretty Halloween polish, from Girly Bits this time. It's called "Monster Mash" and it is AWESOME:

This is one coat of MM over a brazilian polish from Colorama, called "Me ADD?", which is terribly sheer, but the perfect undie for this glitter topper. 

MM is the perfect mixture of gold, green and black glitter in squares and shreds in different sizes. I perfected it with some matte top coat, after one coat of SV. It totally reminds me of Frankenstein's Monster!

And this is what it looks like with a glossy top coat (so, before I applied the matte)!

I bought this at and it is on sale there at the moment!

What do you think of this glitter topper? Do you prefer it matte or glossy?


  1. Gorgeous polish! I am really loving Halloween glitter toppers this year!

  2. Oooh, this is so pretty both matte & glossy!

  3. I love how this looks over that green. I think I like it glossy the best.

  4. Ahhhh, square glitter - my ultimate weakness! I love this polish!!

  5. I think I like it better matte. Reminds me more of Frankenstein. Was there much playing around needed to get such nice glitter coverage?

    1. I agree :D
      No not really, just some of the usual dabbing. Sometimes carefully to get the black shreds where I want them, but no hassle at all!

  6. Such a fun polish! And it looks gorgeous on you :)

  7. I don't see swatches of this glitter often, it's so perfect for halloween paired with that green!

  8. Perfect name and perfect Halloween polish!!


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