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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Twinsie Thursday - Spring Flowers

Happy Twinsie Thursday everyone!

My post today is short and sweet! My camera wasn't cooperating, so I was only able to get one clear shot of my manicure. Don't you hate it when technology doesn't cooperate? I know I do! :(

For this look I used polishes from the new Zoya Delight for spring 2015 collection!
For my base I used Daisy. For the 'grass' I used the blue shimmer pictured, Rayne, as it appeared as the perfect shade of green over Daisy. I used Lillian, Tiana, and Eden for the flowers. Julep It Girl worked great as a white accent.

This look was based off of the photo below. I couldn't find the blogger, even after reverse searching the photo, so if you know who it belongs to let me know and I'll happily credit them! :)

Make sure to stop by my blog to see Lothwen's manicure!

Samantha, it's so cute! I love it! And I couldn't find the original post either, but the blog is here.


  1. How lovely and fresh it is!I love the colour combgo, especially the yellow ;-)

  2. Cute cute cute! The flowers are perfect!

  3. There you go:
    I love your recreation of Suzi's mani!

  4. Very cute and spring forward mani. Love the tiny flowers.

  5. Thanks for all of the love, everyone! <3

  6. Such a cute look! Flowers are always nice this time of year :).


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