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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friends on Friday - Hermione

Hello lovelies!

I did a friend's nails again! She has a Harry Potter theme party tomorrow and is going as Hermione. I did some simple Hermione-inspired nail art on her:

I started off with a base of LynBDesigns "M'Lady's Prerogative", which I still have to swatch for you. It is a beautiful pale lilac linear holo that sprakles your butt off, but since I couldn't take sunlight pics, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Next I applied a generous coat of Ms. Sparkle's "The Yule Ball" on the ring fingers and pinkies. I co-designed this polish as part of Lothwen's Limited Lacquer Line, which is available for purchase on Ms. Sparkle's etsy. This glitter topper was inspired by The Yule Ball and Hermione's dress for the occasion. On the other fingers I stamped with Rimmel "Out Of The Blue" and BPS stamping plate BP03, which has this magical image.

This flash-photo shows the sparkliness a bit more. And although I think Hermione would not wear nail polish very often, do you think this manicure is a proper ode to her and her girliness?


  1. Very pretty! I this reminds me of the Yule Ball!

  2. These are so awesome!! I love the glitter polish that you used (:

  3. What a great mani! I love that you did a Harry Potter-themed design :)

  4. The blue stamping is such a pretty color!

  5. Love the stamping mixed with the glitter nails. Very pretty

  6. Very cute! The base polish and the stamping go together flawlessly.


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