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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Water decals & tools from!

Hello lovelies!

Some goodies from are here to feast your eyes on! They're tools and decals for awesome manicures:

How do these tie together you ask? Well I'll show you. First look at the awesomely cute packaging of this mini manicure set in a flip flop package!

It's super small, perfect for traveling or just keeping it in your purse. It contains the essentials, for example little scissors, a nail clipper, a cuticle pusher, tweezers and a nail file.

 This comes in handy for when you brake a nail, to mend it when your on the road!
Normally I wouldn't recommend steel nail files, like these, but for emergency situations, they'll do the trick.
Always good to have cuticle pusher in the neighbourhood, lol! Use these metal ones gently though, preferably after showering or applying cuticle oil.

After your daily 5-minute nail care routine, the fun can begin! Paint your nails white. I used these nail decals (which are now on a 25% discount!) from BPS and with the help of my new tool kit, it was easy peasy! Cut them up and remove the plastic film (don't forget this, lol). Then soak them in luke-warm water:

Take them out with the tweezers and then cut off the excess decal with the little scissors:

Repeat this for all your nails, topcoat it all and then clean up with some acetone and a clean-up brush and you intricate nail art design is done!

I thought this was so cool! There are 3 more designs in the pack, so for 2.99 you've got a good deal! And if you don't want such a 'loud' mani, you can always opt for accent nails, as I did on my Cinderella hand:

But I prefer the loud design ;)

These items can be purchased at and with discount code SXDQ10 you'll get a 10% discount on your entire order and of course free worldwide shipping!

So what do you think, do you like these decals? Do you prefer them as full manicures or as accent nails?


  1. Love it!!!!! amazing decals. nice cinderella hand hehehhe.

  2. Those decals just blew me away! I think I need them now! And that manicure set is adorable

  3. These decals are so edgy and fun, I love them! And my goodness, how cute is that mini manicure set?!

  4. Oh my goodness I love those decals!! Very cool. :D That manicure set is pretty cute, too. ^_^

  5. These nails are absolutely incredible! I love them<3

  6. Awww...that nail kit is so pretty. I have my nail kit too so when I want to have a manicure, its all there. Love that decals too.

  7. How cute is that flip flop packaging??!

  8. I have never owned or worked with water decals but this looks so cool and definitely something for me to work with in the future!

    As for the new nail art equipment I got, I have quickly realised I am going to need some practice in using it all and well, knowing how to use it well personally. But I will get there in time!

    That flip flop packing is just way too cute <3


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