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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mod Lacquer Electrified Collection

Hello lovelies!

I have a new-to-me indie brand to show you, for which I was chosen to swatch! Such an honour <3 It is Mod Lacquer, which you might know from the amazing holographic polishes that they have released last year, over which I have been drooling for a while! Mod Lacquer jumped on the neon bandwagon this year and has released a huge collection of absolute neon must-haves: The Electrified Collection. And yes, they marble!
I swatched all polishes over white, two coats, although the polishes are quite opaque and would also totally work when applying them without undies, in two or three coats, depending on your nail length and application abilities. They apply very well and level out quite nicely, so there are no issues to be noted. And surprisingly, they dry sort of glossy (usually neons dry quite matte), although I topped them all off with Seche Vite, for extra gloss and fast drying.

Let's start with "Energize", a bright neon pink, brighter than any pink I own! 

Yes, I marbled with them! I'm not really good at marbling, but I tried my best and at the third try, I had a decent looking thing on my nail... apart from one bit, which I tried to fix and then messed up even more, so.... that's what studs are for, right? I got this starfish stud from Ebay. And then I spaced out even more and forgot to take blacklight pics... Well at least I have a bottle shot:

Let's continue with "Stunned", a beautiful neon green creme:

It's beautiful and shines super bright under blacklight!

Now let's have a look at "Stimulate", a blinding bright orange neon, which I adore, since it will come in so handy for our national celebrations ;)

And under blacklight, I've never seen anything like it! Prepare to be blinded!

And last, but not least, a brilliantly beautiful blue neon called "Prime":

 This, too, shines bright under blacklight:

Don't you love them? I sure do! I cannot pick a favourite, they are all perfect neons. I would love to try out more nail art with these pretties. And I might have to pick up the rest of the collection, which in total consists of 10 cremes and a neon glitter topper. They are available in 12 and 4 ml bottles and when you buy the entire collection, you'll get two polishes for free!

Be sure to follow Mod Lacquer on facebook and instagram and take a peek in their shop, they have incredible holos too! 

*The products used here were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love all of these and you water marble like a boss! So jealous!

  2. These look fantastic! Great job!!!

  3. Great pictures - your glow in the dark pics are awesome!

  4. These look awesome!! The accent nail is so cool!!

  5. These go so great together! I love your water marbled nail.

  6. These are so fantastic! I cannot wait to get my order in, I have totally fallen in love with these polishes.

  7. Oh. My. Gawd! O_O I wish I could afford to get the whole collection. These are so perfect!!

  8. Beautiful swatches. I love these fun colors.

  9. When I grow up I wanna marble like you!
    Love the marble accents and these colours are fantastic!

  10. ummm they water marble, the react under black light, they are fun bright colors. What more could you ask for!

    1. I think that pretty much is all anyone can ever ask for ;) Thanks hun :)

  11. I love all of them but Prime is my favorite! Please tell me where on evil-bay you bought that starfish!!

  12. These look so nice and I adore your marbled accent!

  13. Ohhhh wow! Gorgeous polishes, and look at that accent nail!!!

  14. Great water marble! I always wonder if new polish will do well :)


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