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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paws by Eddie "Bajoran Security Officer"

Hi lovelies!

Not much writing inspiration today, I put all that into my thesis already. So let's just dive into the nails! Some indie love, it's been a while... Another PbE for you, called "Bajoran Security Officer", a Star Trek inspired polish! I'm not a Trekkie, so I don't really know that much about it, unfortunately, but the polish is truly awesome!

I know, right?! This beauty consists entirely of warm copper/orange holo hexes... It is fantabulous! It is opaque in 2-3 coats, with some dabbing. Alternatively, one could also sponge it on, but I didn't feel like the clean-up that would require afterwards. The polish dries fast, so normal application is no problem at all. Look at it up close!

I tell ya, this is even more beautiful in person! It sparkles like mad, it is everything my glitter heart could wish for.

I wanted to pair it with stamping, but of course the sun left me hanging for the rest of the day, so here are some stamping pics in daylight. Still impressively sparkly, considering...

I stamped with Konad black and BP-L003, a nice geometric design this time. 

And then, for some flash-action... SPARKLE!

Paws By Eddie has currently closed the nail polish shop due to family circumstances, but you should keep an eye out, she'll be back next year! Best way to follow her is through instagram, she'll regularly give updates on the shop situation.

What do you think of my mani? How would you have stamped it?


  1. Gorgeous! The stamping looks flawless!

  2. Ouuuuu that's a lovely polish! And I love that stamping plate design!

  3. I think this looks great, totally reminds me of a Bajoran. :) Your stamping, as always, is perfect!

  4. Amazing color! Perfect stamping choice over it too!

  5. Very sparkly! I'm still not really into full coverage glitters like this but I love the copper tones of this.

  6. That's a shiny polish :) I love the stamping you made over it !

  7. So much sparkle! Your are always such a great stamper. I fell in love with this when I saw it on FB.

  8. This is the color of the uniforms the officers wear ;) I've been netflixing Star Trek DS9 lately.

  9. The stamping you added is perfection!

  10. I love the stamping you added to this! So pretty!


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