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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ms. Sparkle Pretty Little Liars Collection pt.2

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I showed you the first part of the Pretty Little Liars collection by Ms. Sparkle and today I got the second part of the collection for you, whoohoo! Let's kick it off with Spencer:

Spencer is simple with sparkle. A navy blue linear holo. A timeless beauty. Always right. That's Spencer. Opaque in two simple coats. Genius.

Then there's Hannah...

Hannah is kick-ass, sexy, girly and fun. This bright coral jelly with little glitters in a multitude of colours and shapes represents all the layers that one can peel when it comes to Hannah. Three thin coats will do the trick, but not to worry, it dries super fast! A little top coat and done, it's gorgeous!

And last, but certainly not least, we have Emily!

Emily is sweet and bright, innocent and seemingly uncomplicated. We decided that mint green represents all those qualities. And for her swimming abilities, there are navy ucc flakies and light blue hexes. It applies flawlessly in two coats! It dries a little gritty, so I recommend a good layer of top coat.

I'm so in love with this collection, and I'm so grateful to Ms. Sparkle for realising the collection I had been dreaming about for ages! Thank you so much, Simone!
I've already had a lot of questions on where to buy it. It will become available soon, but at the moment Ms. Sparkle is floored by the flu (the national news today announced that it is now an official epidemic), so just keep an eye out for them by following her on instagram! And send her some health vibes, to help speed the recovery process ;)

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  1. I knew I'd love Emily! Beautiful!

  2. Yeah! I'm in love with this collection! I love the first half and these are great, too!

  3. Omg... what a cool collection!
    I love when indie brands go super creative by creating series-inspired lines.
    From this one I like Hannah (absolutely gorgeous) and Spenceer!

  4. Super pretty! Spencer is definitely my favorite!

  5. Gah, these are beautiful!! Emily is definitely my favorite of the group though!

  6. Emily is definitely my favorite from the collection, but honestly I plan on getting them all.

  7. Pretty!! I really like Hannah, but Emily is really nice too. :) Great swatches.

  8. I love the two different shades of blue! I think the dark blue is my favourite but they both look so cool :3


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